Wedding decoration ideas

469100949-800x533Everyone knows that they should decorate the dining tables for the wedding reception and that there should be flowers and candles for the ceremony, but how about all those other places your guests will be spending time during your wedding day? There are plenty of wedding decoration ideas for other parts of your venue.

Here are seven of the areas or elements that often get overlooked when putting together your wedding decorations.

Make an impression with the entrance

The entrance to your venue will be the first thing your guests see, and it will make a statement about what they can expect from the rest of your wedding. Be big and bold in your entrance decorations. Use some form of lighting, whether that is dramatic flaming torches, romantic hanging lanterns, or cute fairy lights. Use potted plants or trees on either side of the entrance and add some flowers or coloured posters inside the hallway to continue the great impression.

Jazz up the bar

The chances are your guests will spend a fair amount of time in the bar so you will want to make it

How to choose your wedding cake

Wedding Cake close up

There are many different designs, types, colours and shapes of wedding cakes to choose from. The best way to choose what you like is to look through books and magazines and then look at pictures of your cake makers work.

Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding how to choose your wedding cake:

The purpose of your cake

The wedding cake is usually cut into small slices and packaged into small bags for the guest to take home. Another option is to serve your cake as a dessert. It will cost extra for a larger cake but this is offset by reducing your catering bill in the dessert costs. You may also wish to keep the top layer of your cake for your first anniversary or the birth of your first child.

The colour scheme of your wedding

You may wish to match the cake decorations with the bridesmaids dresses or your flower colours. The traditional wedding cake is still iced in white but coloured icing is a popular option. To match colour schemes you will need to take to your

Wedding centrepiece trends

11Assuming you are having a sit down wedding breakfast, your guests will spend at least a couple of hours at the table, so why not give them something unusual to look at? Modern table centrepieces have moved on from simple flower arrangements, and are designed to truly reflect the style and tastes of the newly married couple.

Here are seven top wedding centrepiece trends:

Individual wedding cakes

Rather than having a single, multi-tiered wedding cake displayed on its own table, many couples are choosing to have a number of smaller cakes made, and to place one on each table as a centrepiece. The cakes might all be the same, but this trend is usually most effective when the either the colour or the design is varied, and the other element remains the same.

Making a feature of the table number

Creating a decorative 3D table number and standing it in a simple flower arrangement is a very fashionable table centre option. Brides are making table numbers out of a range of materials from twisted wire and beads to painted foam. Making your table numbers clear and

Why you should buy wholesale roses for your wedding?

It is flowers, completely occupies wedding event.  It is the best way to show happiness, love and positive vibe in the atmosphere.  Indigenous transformation of ordinary atmosphere into a happy and vibrant ambiance is attained by simply decorating the place with full of different flowers having gorgeous colors.  A complete transformation of entire venue with such a lovely colorful flowers is a thing of joy.  Flower decoration is one of the primary sources to show that an important event is taking place in the venue.  Of course, attractive roses are part of flower decoration.  Wedding decoration are purchased to make any event special.  Especially, they produce graceful and elegant positive waves in the events like marriages.  Why Roses are given so much prominence?


Colors:  Roses are available from lightest light to dark brown and blue color allowing interior decorators to create various combinations of flower bunches, center pieces, and corsages.  It is best presented as boutonniere.  Imagine the happiness of every guest welcomed and presented a beautiful small rose tucked on their coats.  It is presented as a

3 Frequently Asked Questions Before Wedding Comes

I believe that when women are at the step to become brides, they will have many questions about their attires on their mind. I know you want to be a perfect girl on that day and you will do your best to pass through it.

These are 3 frequently asked questions from sooner brides:

  1. Which white that will suit my skin tone?

There are more than 200 shades of white and the only way to know that which one will look best on you is trial. The most important thing to void is pure white will drop your skin tone out. Most women will end up with a gown in the ivory family that flatters their skin tone. Keep these suggestions in mind:

  • If you’re fair-skinned, look for ivory shades containing yellow undertones.
  • If you have a pinker complexion, choose creamy undertones.
  • If you have olive, yellow-based, or dark skin, select champagne or off-white shades.

If you already found bridal gowns in Melbourne that has the right shade for your skin, don’t forget to make sure that the salesperson will give you the same as the color of the sample gown

Having a Wedding in a Different Town

With so many great places in the world to have a wedding, choosing the right location is typically on of the longest parts of the process and will require a good amount of labor. Any given city or town usually has dozens of available wedding venues, so sifting through the options to nail down one final choice can be very time consuming. On top of that, most couples choose to have their wedding in a different town other than where they live full time. Whether you’re having your wedding just a few miles from home or are planning a destination wedding hundreds of miles away, having a wedding in a different town presents its own unique challenges that you’ll need to prepare for ahead of time.


One of the biggest things you’ll need to take care of if you will be far away from home for your wedding is planning the accommodations. You don’t only need to worry about your own hotel room or suite, but you need to consider all of your guests that will be traveling into town as well. Most couples block off a certain number of rooms based on how many

Getting Your Choice of Hog Roast Side Dishes Right

Whether you are planning a big hog roast in Belfast, London, Cardiff or Edinburgh your choice of side dishes is important. If you select the right ones all of your guests will go home happy and full.


Not everyone can eat pork

Most people love roast pork. However, it is important to bear in mind that some people do not eat this meat because of their religious beliefs. Others cannot do so because of food intolerances.

Therefore, it is always wise to offer an alternative meat. A great option is to provide a few spit roasted chickens, or a joint of beef or lamb, as well as the pork.

Take care of your vegetarian guests

It is also important to cater for the vegetarians you invite. This is easy to do. You just need to make sure that some of the side dishes you provide are suitable for them to eat.

Everyone appreciates the chance to add some salad or roasted vegetables to their plate. They are the perfect accompaniment to any roasted meats.

Take care of those on diets

The chances are some of your guests will

Tips to Buy Best Clothing Shops in Greater Kailash, Delhi

Greater Kailash is located in South Delhi, and it is highly comprised of a number of markets and shops. You can easily get various designer clothes for you. GK shops offera different kind of clothes such as- salwar kameez, kurti, dupatta, kurta, kurti, tops, ghagra, pajamas, cholis and many more. Along with the clothing, you can also easily get modern and traditional jewelry.

Pret Market

This popular store is located in the basement of Greater Kailash in part 1. Here, one can easily get any type of party outfits. This store is specially made for fashionable people. This store has got theamazing collection for both winter and summer wear.

Goldy’s Nest

Goldy’s nest is one of the most famous shopping hubs exclusively made for the women and children of different ages. This store has got a great collection for gorgeous Anarkali Suits in Zari and network. Anarkali Suits are available in stonework also. This shop has got various collections for designer sarees. In this shop, you will get kuris, gorgeous lehengas, accessories everything.


Sabhyata is a branch shop that mainly offers Indian wear for women. This store in Greater Kailash

Great Ideas for Military Weddings

The pomp and ceremony of a formal military wedding resembles a royal wedding. A military wedding is a gorgeous martial pageant laden with tradition and protocol. And, my, men do look good in uniform, don’t they! Here are some essential tips and ideas for military weddings.

  1. Military weddings are a privilege reserved to those in the armed forces or cadets.
  2. The main distinction of a military wedding is that the groom and other male service members in the wedding party wear their uniforms. The bride, if military, may wear a traditional bridal gown, or she may be married in uniform, also.

-Evening dress uniform (blue in winter, white in summer) is worn for an ultra-formal, wedding comparable to a white-tie affair.

-Dinner or “mess dress” uniform is appropriate at a formal or semiformal event, comparable to black-tie.

-Dress blues or whites are worn for less formal weddings; they are equivalent to a nice suit.

-Non-commissioned officers and other enlisted ranks may wear dress blues or Army green uniforms at a formal or informal wedding.

-Any nonmilitary wedding-party members simply wear traditional wedding clothes of the same level of formality as those in uniform.

3. A boutonniere is never worn

Hire A Wedding Planner For A Spectacular Wedding

Relationships last longer not because they are meant to be, but because two people decide to fight for it and keep it. People who have survived the miscues of a not-so-perfectly perfect relationship are brave and they both deserve to stay together forever. If you are also one of them then congratulations for getting the right catch. In case, you both have decided to seal the deal with those precious wedding vows then you both must be busy in planning for the dream. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of preparations; many people get lost and forget to enjoy this precious time. You both are in love and nobody needs to prove it to the other one but this is the most romantic part of your relationship. The love of your life will soon be tied to you in the sacred bond of marriage and you should try to enjoy the celebrations as much as you can. Go out for dinners and movie dates and maintain that spark, which you had in the first few weeks of being in a relationship. You should spend more and more time in bonding; so that the love between you both grows stronger day

Love Adventure As Venus Reaches Sagittarius

When New Year comes, we are older, and the most important thing we care about is Love. Are you curious about how your love life is next year, 2015? It is the right time for you – Sagittarius to look for your soul-mate and make a great adventure of love. Andre Gide said that someone didn’t discover new lands without consenting to losing their sight of the shore for a very long time. That is why Sagittarius needs to make love challenges and gain good results. 2015 is the most suitable year for those who want to find their true love.

Show Yourself and Make 2015 Become Your Best Year Ever

Love of adventure is calling that Venus is the sign of expansive and fiery, Sagittarius, from November 16th to December 10th. Wanderlust comes to your heart, and you desire to break free of any of the positive and jealous chain you felt when Venus was in Scorpio. You really want the kind of love and the combination that comes with an impressive itinerary to boot. As you know, Venus is your sign – Sagittarius is all about fire and the big image and event.

  • Love Of Adventure When Venus Moves into Sagittarius


Why Bournemouth is a Perfect Beach Wedding Destination

Loaded with world class facilities and hospitality services, Bournemouth is raising its reputation as a leading name in European wedding destinations. Surrounded by natural beauty and facilitate with luxury, it is the best place to take vows and start a new journey of love life.

Beach weddings are the recent trend in the series of unique and most exciting wedding themes. And when it is about a beach wedding in Bournemouth, the joy and pleasure reach to the next level. This coastal town gives you an opportunity to experience the most relaxed and chilled out wedding that one can ever go with. This is absolutely unique, now when it is completely lawful to have wedding ceremonies right on the beach, the couple can their most romantic move with the participation of the sea in their ceremonies.

The Bournemouth hotel industry is all set to grab this opportunity and a good number of Bournemouth wedding venues are ready to serve the couple and their guests to have a memorable event. The events are managed and served by the skilled and trained hospitality teams so that both the guests and the hosts can enjoy the wedding without any trouble or worry. They can deal

Wedding dresses are the best dressing for wedding

Compared in the midst of 2006, in wedding dresses, wedding hotel, wedding companies, wedding jewelry, wedding dress, wedding supplies, in addition to other core consumer in 6 big wedding, Ball Gown wedding dresses consumption increased by 49.44%, second only in the direction of the wedding hotel growth.

As exotic, wedding consumption in China has experienced rent, buy custom process. 90’s of last century, many brides believe with the intention of wearing a wedding dresses only, less demanding on the wedding, usually by way of loan in the direction of choose their own dress. Early 20th century, in the midst of the change in people’s consumption concept, new people began in the direction of buy wedding way in the direction of commemorate his life is just one of the ceremony. Until now, the selection method still mainstream position. Beijing Weeklong photographic equipment located in the city of cheap wedding dress shop, the selection of wedding steady stream of young couples. An ordinary white wholesale wedding dresses a few hundred dollars, but also change the size of the bargain in addition to free.  However, the way custom wedding the bride is becoming one of the ways are most popular. More young people eager

How To Save On Your Wedding By Renting Certain Parts Out

Did you know that you can now rent a wedding gown to wear for your wedding? Yes, it’s absolutely true, and is a very popular thing these days. This is an idea that is very accepted everywhere, and is a great way to save on wedding costs all while making your wedding beautiful in the process. And there’s nothing wrong with renting. You can still have your fabulous wedding without spending all that you have in your savings account.

But not only are wedding gowns the only wedding-related things that can be rented out. Jewelry can be rented out also! You can rent authentic and genuine jewelry a fraction of their actual cost for your wedding day. If you’re someone who loves jewelry and wants elegant and beautiful jewelry to wear at your wedding, then you should consider this option. You can go online or to local bridal shops for leasing options in order to add style to yourself without the expense.

But wedding gowns and jewelry are only 2 things that I’ve mentioned that can be rented out. Here are some more items that can be rented out in order to create the fabulous wedding that you’re dreaming of without the

Wedding fireworks

Nothing adds drama to an occasion like a spectacular fireworks display, and including fireworks in your wedding day is becoming increasingly popular. Depending on the time of day and the season that you get married, you could have a firework display at the end of the ceremony, at the beginning of your reception, or as you make your grand departure.

Aren’t wedding fireworks expensive?

Although the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does ring true, professional wedding firework displays are more affordable than they used to be. There are various factors that will affect the price of your firework display:

The length of the display

The longer the firework display the more expensive it will be. Remember that although guests will enjoy watching a firework display, it will lose its impact after a short time and they will want to return to eating, drinking, dancing or chatting. A display of five to ten minutes will be enough to delight your guests without costing you a fortune. It’s better to have a short, high quality display, than a longer one with fewer simultaneous sequences.

The variety of effects and sequences

The more complex and spectacular the firework display the more expensive it will

Hairstyles for wedding

If you’re looking for a feminine yet contemporary hairstyles for wedding to complement your wedding gown, look no further. These seven super trends in bridal hair are sure to give you inspiration.

Hairstyle trend 1: The classic ponytail

A simple ponytail is a fun and casual alternative to more fussy up dos, and is particularly popular for daytime weddings. Give character to a ponytail by adding volume at the crown or curling the loose hair that tumbles down the back. If your hair isn’t long or thick enough to create a full ponytail, you could try a curly hair piece.

Hairstyle trend 2: Double styles

Being able to change your hairstyles for Wedding between the ceremony and reception is increasing in popularity, and many brides love the chance to have two distinct looks. Try pinning loose curls into an up do with a tiara and veil for the ceremony, and then shaking the curls loose and adding an Alice band for a casual reception look.

Hairstyle trend 3: Hair bands

Whether you choose the sweet innocence of an ivory Alice band, or the cheekiness of a side band with a silk corsage, hair bands are big news for brides all over the world. Less formal

High heel wedding shoes

Wedding shoes with a high heel are popular with brides the world over. They add elegance and glamour to your outfit, elongating your legs and adding height which is useful if you are marrying a tall man. It is often the brides that don’t usually wear high heels who want to do something special on their wedding day and try out high heel wedding shoes, but this can take some practise and preparation.

These seven tips will help you to wear your bridal high heels with style:

Limit your heel height

If you aren’t used to wearing high heels, jumping straight into a pair of six inch stilettos is going to have you limping by the end of the ceremony. Be realistic about what you can wear, and remember they will need to be comfortable enough to wear for the whole day. If you have your dress altered to suit high heels it will be too long for you to slip into flats halfway through the reception.

Take your shoes along to a fitting

Taking the actual shoes you will wear for the wedding is the best way to be sure the length of your wedding dress with work with the bridal high

Finding the perfect shoes to match your wedding dress

Your bridal outfit is more than just the gown; it includes your hairstyle, your jewellery, your accessories, and very importantly your shoes. There’s no point in spending a fortune on a designer dress if you are going to ruin the overall look with the wrong shoes. Finding exactly the right bridal shoes to complement the wedding dress can take just as long as finding the perfect dress in the first place.
Many brides want to know whether they need to get shoes to match dress, and there are two answers to that question

  1. If they are going to match they must match exactly
  2. If they aren’t going to match they must be a complete contrast

If you wear shoes that almost match the dress but not quite it will be very obvious, especially in the photos which will pick up subtle undertones in the fabric that aren’t so obvious to the naked eye. To avoid looking as if you have tried and failed to get matching shoes, they should match perfectly or not at all.

If you want matching shoes, bear in mind that the material needs to match as well as the colour. There are various ways to find shoes that match

Bridal shoe colours and styles

When you’re choosing your bridal shoes, you will be influenced by a number of factors such as the colour and length of your wedding dress, your ability to walk in heels, your height, and the type of wedding you are having. Don’t be tempted to buy the first thing you try on because nobody will see them anyway, you can be sure they will find a way to peep out from under your skirt and ruin that perfect photo.

Here are some of the colour and style options for modern bridal shoes:

Bridal shoe colours

If you are looking at purposely designed bridal shoes, they are usually available in a choice of ivory or white to coordinate with most wedding dresses. You can also have shoes dyed to match the exact colour of your gown, and that may be a good option if you are having a dress in an unusual shade.

Recently there has been a move towards statement wedding shoes, with brides using shoes to express their true personalities under their pure white dresses. Any colour from red and orange to green and purple is possible, and plenty of brides are choosing to use their shoes as their something blue.

Choosing The Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

If you are like most brides and grooms, the music that will be played during your wedding ceremony is very important to you — but you may not have a clue how to go about selecting it! Here are some guidelines for American weddings (customs vary in other countries).

An important factor in choosing your music is the setting for your wedding ceremony. If your ceremony will not be in a religious setting, you can choose just about any kind of music you like — although you will want to stay within the bounds of good taste! On the other hand, if your ceremony will be in a church or synagogue, or conducted by a clergy person at another location, you will probably need to stay within guidelines set by the clergy person or the church.

Most religious denominations consider a wedding ceremony to be a form of worship service. For this reason, churches generally do not allow “secular” music (non-religious popular music) during a wedding. Some will allow secular music while the guests are being seated, but not during the ceremony itself. Check with the church where your wedding